I'm Christopher Banas

Combining technology and creative problem-solving to positively impact others.

I use technology to connect people and help others reach their full potential.


Featured work

Neighborhood Node

A community-centric social media networking app which allows residents of a specific neighborhood to connect and communicate with each other, sharing local news, events, recommendations, and concerns. Built on a foundation of Ruby on Rails, Node, and React/Redux, this application utilizes industry-leading technologies such as AWS S3 Buckets, Google Maps API, and bcrypt to provide a seamless user experience that prioritizes privacy and security.


Parrot is a MERN full stack project management suite enabling teams to effectively ideate, develop, and execute complex projects harnessing the power of AI-generated project plans, interactive data visualizations, and automated reporting.

Trader Radar

Trader Radar is a visual and interactive representation of how various stocks or financial instruments are performing in the market. It combines a stock heatmap, a stock search function, a candlestick chart, live market clock, and stock ticker tape to provide valuable insights and aid in decision-making.


I am Christopher Banas

Actively writing code and building solutions.
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Thought-filled software engineer and entrepreneur who understands that deliberate, consistent progress over time is life's greatest growth strategy.

With my expertise, I have helped numerous companiessurpass their revenue growth, cost reduction, and operational targets. Drawing from my experience as a business owner and financial analyst, I possess a deeper understanding of the challenges managers encounter when making critical business decisions.

Favorite Tools:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • MERN
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Kind words
from great people

“Chris has a passion for helping and teaching people!”

I met Chris back in college where we both studied Finance. Even then, Chris had a passion for helping and teaching people! He helped myself and my husband dig through all of our debt and figure out a plan to get ourselves out of our financial pit so we can build wealth! Chris was very patient with us and would highly recommend him!

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Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty
“Christopher played and still is playing a vital role in helping me set life goals,”

Christopher played and still is playing a vital role in helping me set life goals, create a roadmap to those goals, and then provide me with the tools to achieve that financial clarity required to arrive at the goals I set within the timeline I chose. Christopher shares his perspective of life and introduces a simple yet effective way of living. Anyone who seeks financial or professional improvement would benefit from Christopher.

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IT Client Relationship Associate
“Chris has a remarkable ability to think strategically and see the big picture ”

In many of the coding projects we've worked on together, at some point we inevitably end up in the weeds implementing a highly technical feature. Chris deftly breaks down and solves these challenges while, with his big picture mindset, ensuring the code remains scalable and flexible. Everything we've worked on looks, functions, and just feels better.

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Software Engineer, Strategy and Operations Manager

Shipping more than code

PSVA Award

I was honored to receive the U.S. President's Lifetime Achievement Award for over 4,000 hours of unpaid volunteer service in June of 2022.

Environmental Steward

  • I co-founded an environmental nonprofit Natural Dividends. More than just a professional endeavor, this nonprofit resonated with my personal ethos of sustainability and to protect our environment. While I am no longer working at the organization I continue to volunteer for its Board of Directors as the Secretary and Treasurer which I have done since its inception. Together, we have organized events collecting over 5,000lbs of trash, raised over $50k to improve local communities, conducted educational programs, and implemented sustainable initiatives that have had a tangible impact on the environment.
Playa Del Rey Cleanup

Beach cleanup at Playa Del Rey with the students of King Drew High's environmental club Green 4 U.


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